Certification by Accredited Bodies

Certifications, conferred by accredited bodies, indicate mastery or development of particular skills or technical proficiency. Mey Chern Chemicals, holding certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP Codex Alimentarius, and HALAL, exemplifies a strong commitment to international standards in quality production and SOP. They aim to not only meet but surpass customers’ manufacturing expectations with their in-house laboratory capabilities & production team. Explore their certifications now.

Research & Developement 

Standard Operating Procedure

  • 2005Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001

    since Mar 2005 and upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 since Nov 2016
  • 2005Environmental System Certified to ISO 14001

    since Sept 2007 and upgraded to ISO 14001:2015 since Nov 2016.
  • 2011Halal Certified

  • 2019GMP Certified

    Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ISO refer to in the context of the chemical industry?
ISO refers to the International Organization for Standardization. In the chemical industry, it signifies the application of international standards that ensure quality, safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness of chemical production and management
Can you list some important ISO standards applicable to the chemical industry?
Yes, the chemical industry often adheres to several ISO standards, including: - ISO 14001 for environmental management. - ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety. - ISO 22000 for food safety (when applicable to chemicals in food). - ISO 31000 for risk management.
What is the significance of ISO 9001 in the field of chemistry?
ISO 9001 is a quality management system standard that is critical for the chemistry sector. It helps chemical companies consistently provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements, ensuring high quality and continuous improvement
What exactly is ISO certification, and how does it relate to products?
ISO certification involves an external body verifying that a company's management system or product meets specific ISO standards. It assures stakeholders of the product's quality and the company's commitment to best practices
Why do companies in the chemical industry pursue ISO 9000 or 9001 certifications?
Companies seek ISO 9000 or 9001 certifications to: Demonstrate the quality and reliability of their products. Comply with customer or regulatory mandates. Improve operational efficiency and product quality. Enhance customer satisfaction. Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace

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