Our Story

Enduring commitment to Quality & Innovation

Mey Chern Chemicals, established in 1986, has grown from a small chemical manufacturer to a reputable producer and trader of chlor-alkali products, including our signature Calcium Nitrate and Calcium Chloride Liquors. Our journey reflects our enduring commitment to quality and innovation

Our Uniqueness

Our brand stands apart in offering green chemical solutions like Emulsure 35, alongside toll manufacturing services, embodying versatility and environmental responsibility.


Our Values

We believe in maintaining business transparency, ethical practices, and delivering uncompromised quality, fostering long-standing relationships with our clientele.


Why Choose Us

Our products not only meet the evolving demands but also uplift our customers' production efficiency and product quality, making us a preferred supplier

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We ready to provide a full service from chemical application, logistics solution, tariff rate & many more.

Our Vision

Be the preferred supplier of our products

Our Mission

Continue to be innovative in improving our products to meet the ever-changing requirements of customers